Diaper bag essentials for all ages

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Like most Mamas I sometimes must grab a bunch of stuff (like half the house) in order to leave the house with the kids. Oh, what a nice feeling it is when we get all organized and everything is in place and I don’t get caught off guard while outing with the kids. Yeah… me too. (And we all laughed together) Seriously now, I have learned so much over the years about getting the needed stuff while we’re out with the kids. Obviously, I still forget stuff sometimes, but how awesome is it when now and then we get it right and have that one thing that’s soooo needed for the drive back home for example?

That’s why I decided to make a list with the stuff that you will need or simply want to have with you while you’re out with your little ones. I actually made two lists: “Pack your diaper bag for newborn and baby stage” and “Pack your diaper bag for toddlers and older kids”.

So, I’m not going to keep you anymore and I’m just going to get started.

Pack your diaper bag for newborn and baby stage

  • Diapers
  • Wipes 
  • Changing pads
    These are awesome for at home and on the go! Also, they can be used as under pads for the kid’s bed. TIP: use them as under pads when you sleep at hotels or someone else’s house.
  • Rash cream
    This one is the best I’ve used on Joshua and the one that our pediatrician recommended.
  • Hand sanitizer
    You can use any hand sanitizer you like. Here is one of the many that I like.
  • Plastic bags (for dirty clothes and stinky diapers)
    When I don’t forget to grab some than I just get small garbage bags.
  • Changing clothes (socks, bib, onesie, pants, pj)
  • Burp cloth (at least one) 
    These ones are inexpensive and colorful. They come in a pack of 6.
    And these ones are plain white and come in a pack of 10.
  • Pacifier – I recommend an extra pacifier just for the diaper bag. Trust me, they will just disappear. Somehow, they always get lost. These are known, and I like that they have a plain design. They also come with a great price.
  • Maybe a small baby toy or two
    Here is a teething toy and here is a rattle 
  • Blanket (this is a lot easier to keep in the stroller so it’s always there just in case)
    There are over 20 designs on this minky blanket to choose from

  • Baby bottle and formula
    If you don’t breastfeed, I used this bottle set with Joshua and it was the best.
  • ergobaby/baby wrap – We also had it in the stroller
    We have the ergo baby with the infant insert in color black. But I would not buy black again, because the color fades after a couple of washes.
  • Breast pads – if you breastfeed
    These are the ones, I used and  the only ones that were helping me. And I just saw that they also have the washable nursing pads

 Pack your diaper bag for the toddlers stage and older kids 

  • Snacks – these will always be needed
  • Sippy cup or water bottle
    This water bottle has great reviews and this cup, that has a silicone straw, is great for younger kids
  • diapers Wipes
  • Changing pad
  • Band aids – these will save you some tears: there are 40 water repellent band aids in this pack
  • sunscreen and hat for the summer season. I love a good sunscreen spray, that gets the job done fast
  • Extra outfit – because accidents always happen
  • Toys or book (Pack something not too big if possible, but something that your child loves now)
  • Bib (I like these bibs, because they catch all the food. And I like these ones, because I can double use them as a saliva catcher. ☺️)

I’m going to add a little extra list with stuff, that I need to have for myself:

  • Water or coffee
  • A little snack
  • wallet
  • lipstick or lip balm (this is my new favorite: its expensive, but gets the job done and looks great on all lips)
  • Keys
  • Tissues
  • Phone
  • Extra shirt – for the days when we’re away for the whole day

You can always add some more stuff or take a bunch of stuff down from the list, because we all have different habits, routines and needs. Try to think your day through and decide, what needs to come with you and what can stay home. If you know that you’ll go downtown shopping with the kids, take some entertaining stuff for them like a tablet or a book and it’ll go a lot smoother.

If you plan on going to the park afterwards, throw some sand toys in the stroller. You get the idea. I also think that it’s a great idea to have a diaper car kit, because sometimes we’re just a little longer on the road, than initially planned. Throw some diapers, wipes, clothes and (maybe a towel in the summer because kids WILL find the water) pack them in a little bag to have in the trunk of your car for those days. Also, maybe remember to change the clothes from your car kit now and then because kids grow, and clothes will not fit them forever :))
Been there, done that. Imagine a six-month-old baby in a onesie for 3 months old babies. Yeah…

If you don’t own a car or live in the city and use only the stroller, make the car kit a stroller kit. When you have multiple kids, different age in diapers, it will help to have their diapers and extra clothes in you diaper bag separated. For example, you can do a little blue bag for the older one and a yellow one for the younger. These two bags will than go in your diaper bag and when you need them, you won’t have to search for the right diaper size or clothes. Also, you might need different stuff for summer than for winter, so adjust to the season you are in and make the best out of it.
I hope you find my post useful and enjoyed it.

If you have some other items, that you think are a must-have in the diaper bag, write them in the comments. It could help another mama 🖤

XO Daria

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